The following is an email from my friend Bob.  It’s a good word for all of us.
This morning after the election, I woke up semi-depressed. My candidate hadn’t won. (Hopefully yours did.)  I knew I needed to get right with the Lord.
In my quiet time, the Lord began to show me a couple of things:
  1. That I was more worried about our nation than His kingdom.
  2. That I wasn’t trusting Him, I was trusting our system.
  3. That I had lost the perspective that His kingdom was still expanding.
  4. That I wasn’t willing to put our nation on the table, allowing God to take us down the drain in order to glorify Himself.
I repented. My attitude is much better. I hope yours is as well.  
No matter who wins or who governs, God’s kingdom is still on the move. He has an agenda and is accomplishing it. He made a promise to Abraham 4,000 years ago and He’s going to fulfill that promise. Nothing will stop Him. 
And on top of all of that, we are still saved and will be with the King forever where He rules. How could I ever be depressed?  
Oh how easy it is to get our eyes on the temporary things of life. 
Thankful for you,