We’ve been studying in Matthew 13–the parable of the sower. We are learning that if he expects to reap a harvest the sower needs to prepare both himself and the soil. We’ve determined that there are two ploughs needed for breaking up hard ground; the first plough is prayer, the second is love.

I often fly through the Detroit airport. Inside the terminal there are several huge televisions. Sometimes they have the shopping network (QVC) showing. Often when that station is on, there’s a guy with a beard selling things, and one of his favorite products seems to be a set of kitchen knives. I’ve watched him many times take one of the knives and cut through a bunch of carrots with little or no effort. Each time I saw this ad in the airport I’d think to myself, “Yeah, right. A knife is going to float through a bunch of carrots that easily. The demonstration must be rigged.” Then one day I was visiting a friend in Louisiana. His wife was preparing dinner and as my friend was out, I offered to help her. She handed me a knife and a bunch of carrots and asked me to chop them up. I took the knife and came down hard on the carrots. The knife went through the carrots like they were soft butter. Surprised I exclaimed, “Where’d you get these knives!?” She responded, “Oh, I got them for the QVC shopping network, you know, the ones the guy with the beard sells.” Amazed, guess what I did the next time I saw that ad in the Detroit airport?


A sales person can talk a great talk, but if we do not see the product in action, 9 out of 10 times, we are not going to buy it. Think about this, how are the people you are trying to reach SEEING Gospel?