It was 1am and my wife was still working at the computer.  I wanted to shout “GET TO BED” but I also knew she was working on an important OPEN project and most importantly I know she’s a night owl.  Most people have a time of day when they’re most productive, which means that if you calibrate the day’s activities to the right times, you can maximize your efficiency. How we use our time is another way of maximizing our ability to worship through our work.

Personally I get my best work done before 11am, but everyone is different. Several OPEN workers allow their employees to work schedules that enable them to be at their desk when their minds are sharpest. This not only enhances productivity but many employees are encouraged and motivated to work harder when they know they are working in their “groove”.  Think back to yesterday and the day before. At which points did you feel at your most energetic? What about your employees?

“Know yourself” is a topic we’ve discussed before.  Knowing yourself includes knowing the hours of the day that you are most productive. Once you’ve identified these high-potential hours, guard them. Block them off of your calendar, so people can’t schedule mundane meetings during this valuable time. Use these hours for high-priority projects and tough decision-making. Set aside those tasks that require willpower and complex thinking for when you are at your best.  Important meetings? Schedule them for your peak performance hours. Set your work schedule so as to maximize your productivity for when we maximize God’s gifts in us, we maximize our ability to glorify Him.