One of the couples we mentor in the Middle East just told me this, and I’ll pass it on as a solid application for us all for this week.

Last week I heard a teaching on angels and how we should make use of their help.  The speaker said, “God is ready to release angels to assist us and that many are unemployed – they have no job!  I do HR for our B4T business and this past week we had several thefts, something that hasn’t happened in months. So, I prayed and asked God to assign a big angel to watch over the main entrance of our office and another group of angels to watch over the coffee lounge where someone had been stealing food. The next day one of our customers came to our receptionist and apologized because his client had stolen chocolates and other snacks. It doesn’t happen very often that an Arab confesses, apologizes, and pays for a crime he’s not caught doing!

Have you asked God to put His angels work for you?  Maybe it’s time to employ some.