The enemy says I have nothing to offer
The enemy says I am too weak
The enemy says why even bother
The enemy says I have nothing God seeks
The enemy says why try no one cares
The enemy says you’re all alone
The enemy says there is too much to fear

The enemy says:
I am too late
I am too insignificant
I am too dumb
I am too white
I am too black
I am too damaged
I am too old
I am too young
I am too shy
I am too overbearing
I am not popular enough
I am not educated enough
I am not successful enough
I am not talented enough
I’ve screwed up too many times
I’ve committed too many sins

The enemy’s words are meant to destroy me
to distract me
to confuse me
to sideline me
to oppress me
to bench me

But the enemy’s words are nothing but chatter, like the trash talk of an opponent that’s already been beaten. His words are empty, meaningless, void of truth, void of any substance. 
I am not sinful
I am forgiven
I am not weak but strong
I am empowered
I am inspired
I am indwelled
I am called
I am equipped
I am adopted
I am a Royal priest
I am a coheir with Jesus
I am protected
I am knit together
I am a work of art
I have purpose
I am loved

The enemy’s words are meant to destroy us. But words, that’s all he has. Words are his only weapon, empty, hollow, lie filled, words. Words are his only hope of taking me out of the game, words are all that he has, because I have overcome, because I am a child of the Most High God. Shout it out loud.


author unknown