Lou Saban, the football coach at Michigan State once told a story I’ve never forgotten.  He said:

If I laid a 2×4 on the ground and I asked you to walk across it, how many times could you guys do that?  You could do it many times because you would focus on the board. But if I took the same 2×4 and stretched it between 2 buildings 10 stories up could you walk across it?  Then it’s hard to focus on the board, because you are focused on your fear of falling.  Focus on your goals.  Don’t be distracted by your fears. Concentrate on the 2×4 and you’ll get the job done.

What is the Spirit given you to do?  What fears are keeping you from accomplishing His assignment?  Remember that what we do in B4T and BAM – in all of life is to be based on the words of Jesus and not research, “best practices” or our gut instincts.  When distractions come, when fears come, and they do come, take time to pray and fast and wait on God’s guidance before moving forward.

When the apostles and church leaders gathered in Jerusalem to discern His will for some new issues, due to the changing times, they write, “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us not to burden you with anything beyond the following requirements…”(Acts 15:28)

Keep striving to center your work and family on Him. We long to be led by the Spirit and not the wisdom of a man. As you press ahead in your B4T assignment, concentrate on the right things – His things.