You’re in a tough spot. It’s not fun and you don’t like it.  In the back of your mind, there it is… that voice… “Joy” it says.
If you’ve read my goals for 2014, you know that joy is His major theme for me.
The Master tells us “Count it all joy to be in this mess for Him.”
“Lord, you’re kidding, right?”  His answer rings in my heart, “No, I’m not kidding. Who’s in charge? Who loves you? You think I’m unaware?”

Count, consider, reckon—these are all verbs. Each is something you do. You could call this “reframing.” Here’s a situation you wouldn’t choose. You just want out. But the minute you reframe it, suddenly you are the Father’s child sent by Him to represent Him in this not-fun-place, doing these not so easy tasks.

What happens when we consider it all joy…and it’s still inconvenient, uncomfortable, even painful? I have always been moved by Paul who refused to see himself as a mere prisoner. He was “a prisoner of Christ.” Wherever he was, Paul felt sent by the Lord. He was considering it all joy to be in all kinds of situations, and Joy was consistently downloaded into his heart and mind as he needed it.

Do you need JOY today? Reframe your situation.

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